Equi-Con 2019

Join us for our 4th Annual Equi-Con. Costumes, Rail Classes, Games, Spooky Trail, Food, Fun & Trick or Treat for the whole family!

Pre-register online HERE for discounted tickets. 

Scroll down for event rules. 


In the spirit of creating a fun and safety conscious event, we ask that
everyone read and adhere to the following:
• All costume classes require horse and rider/handler in costume.
• Costumes must be safely constructed and able to withstand
participation without falling apart.
• Non-costume classes require costumes to be removed or pared
down to resemble “normal” riding apparel.
• ASTM/SEI approved helmets are recommended for all
participants but mandatory for participants 17 years old and
younger AND for everyone in all jumping games.
• Boots with heels are required for riders and closed toed
footwear for anyone handling a horse from the ground.
• Management reserves the right to combine or cancel classes
with insufficient entries (fewer than 3, management will
announce if they have done so the day of the show).
• Any classes may be divided as Management deems fit, for
reasons of safety. Classes may be divided if there are more than
12 entries or at the judge’s discretion.
• Horses that kick MUST have red ribbons in the tail. Red ribbon
will be available at Secretary’s booth.
• No stallions permitted on property.
• No dogs allowed day of event.
• All minor children participating with a horse must have parent
or legal guardian present to sign a Table Mountain Ranch
Release of Liability Form. (Current boarders/students exempt.)

If you wish to mail in a check to pre-register, please email
sherl@tablemountainranch.net or call 303.278.3285.